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What is SandStat?

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What SandStat can do for you:

SandStat serves to practical and fast calculation and design of sandwich panels.
Although it is possible to apply the different types of faces with flat, lined, crimped, micro crimped and/or trapezoidal-formed geometry made of metal (steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel etc.), oriented strand boards and/or GFK. The soft core-material (PUR- polyurethane, EPS or XPS polystyrene, mineral wool…) is considered on the basis of the sandwich-theory.

SandStat passes all required static verifications in accordance with the German technical approval of DIBt, in accordance with the European standard EN 14509 as well as in accordance with the European rules CIB/ECCS-recommendations. The proof of fasteners with the under-construction with direct and hidden fixings is also possible.

SandStat uses a profile database, in which almost all sandwich panels with a german technical approval as well as the appropriated fasteners are involved. It is also possible to implement specific producer- and custumer data. There’s optional the possibility to input panel data of new sandwich panels by the user.

SandStat contains optional automatic load generation modules of all necessary load cases (self-weight, snow, wind, temperature, creep etc.). Particularly SandStat has an automatic load generation of wind- and snow-loads in accordance with the in Germany valid standard (DIN 1055-4:2005-03, DIN 1055-5:2005-07 incl. the amendments). The implementation of load standards from other countries is available on request.

SandStat has miscellaneous graphical displays and control tools. Supplementary there is the possibility of an entire, verifiable printout incl. all characteristics in German as well as in English language.

The characteristics of SandStat:

  • Quick and easy calculation and design of sandwich-wall- and roof-panels
  • Calculation and design in accordance with          
      • - German Technical Approval
      • - european standard EN14509:2006
      • - ECCS/CIB-recommendations
  • Comprehensive database of panels, including nearly all panels and fasteners usual in the market with the possibility to the expansion of this database
  • Panel-subscription for securing an actual panel database
  • Applicable of any one-span or multi-span panels
  • Manual input of loads (including self-weight, snow, wind, temperature, creep etc.)
  • Automatic load generation in accordance with the actual German standard (for other countries or Eurocodes EN 1991 in preparation)
  • Design of the fasteners, including hidden fixings
  • Graphical control tools for screen and printer
  • Separate choice of German/English at dialogs and print-out possible
  • Includes all special design-procedures such as support-capacity and screw-dislocation
  • Iteration of the allowable span-length resp. of the allowable load
  • Special packages for producers of sandwich panels or for „proofing engineers“
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