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Documents and Software:



SandStat user guide, German version, (pdf-file, download as zip-archive, 4.0 MB)

Info pages for SandStat installation and SandStat update (pdf-file, 0.2 MB)


To get a demo-version of SandStat please use the order form.

Updated screw database – version 02/2016 (download as zip-archive, 2.5 MB)


Drivers for Aladdin/Safenet Dongles:
For the use of SandStat with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, please use HASPUserSetup.exe (Download as zip-archive, 19.8 MB, Version April 2018).
After updating Windows 10 in May 2017 (“Windows 10.2”), it is possible that the error massage „1025 – cannot install automatic data protection“ occurs. In this case, please install the dongle driver “HASPUserSet.exe” from April 2018 provided here.


Excel-Tool 5% -Fraktile (Excel-file, 0.4 MB)

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